PTP Mat Strap

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It is made from durable woven construction to ensure maximum durability year after year. Designed with a sleek finish and a quick-release fastening system, the Mat Strap combines style and comfort and will adjust to any mat size - large or small, in seconds. Equally, it won't leave unwanted marks on your yoga mat and won't hurt your shoulders thanks to its wide surface contact. Carry your mat with confidence knowing that it is fully secure. You can even use it as a stretching aid during yoga or Pilates classes to improve your flexibility.

- Special quick-release loop ends for easy fastening and adjustment to any size
- Lightweight and free from unnecessary hardware like buckles or D-rings
- Built to last, made from strong nylon webbing
- Comfortable on shoulders
- A versatile colour that will suit all mat colours

FLEXIBILITY Stretching and body toning. To lengthen muscles and increase range of motion.
BALANCE Joint stabilization and core control. Ideal to improve motor coordination and posture.-

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