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PTP Power Rope

Recommended for advanced users, the PTP Power Rope features weighted handles for improving shoulder, forearm and wrist strength. The custom-built anodised aluminium handles provide smooth rotation at every jump. By simply twisting the aluminium cap, you can easily remove the weights or customise the length of the rope to your own height.

- For muscular strength, cardio, endurance, weight loss and HIIT training
- Premium anodised aluminium handles covered with a soft, non-slip surface
- Inner cord to reinforce and prevent the rope from stretching over time
- Anti-torque ball bearing to maximise wrist rotation
- Removable weights to vary the level of challenge (2 x 200 g)
- Can be cut to size to suit all personal heights (instructions provided)

POWER Whole body conditioning, strength and movement. Perfect to build muscles and burn fat.