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PUNCH Black Diamond Belly Pad

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Why choose the Black Diamond Belly Pad?

If you're looking for a commercial quality Muay Thai Belly Pad, then the Black Diamond Belly Pad is perfect for you!

This belly pad will protect your chest and abdominal area when training with knees, kicks & big hitters.
The Black Diamond belly pad is built to last and is constructed with high-quality padding protection.
This belly pad is structured for absorbing punches, kicks and knees in muay thai specific training.
The higher chest protection is ideal for muay thai clinching to prevent any unnecessary injury from a high knee.
This product is ideal for all levels of Muay Thai and Boxing training!

Best features

  • Sleek Black Diamond design
  • High chest and abdominal protection
  • Twin Hook and Loop straps for greater belly pad stability
  • Added 'rips' target cushioning for added protection and accuracy
  • Custom cut for optimal body movement