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PUNCH GroupX® Kick Pads

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The GroupX® Kick Pads are an ideal set of Kickboxing & Muay Thai Focus / Kick Pads for training beginners & fighters alike.

These Super Light Pads are built with almost double the padding compared to the Punch Thumpas Focus Pads and a larger target area to assist training beginners.

The GroupX® Kick Pads are made with high-density padding so any strike thrown has improved absorption for both the striker & the pad holder.

You'll also find Dual Velcro Straps and a Thai Pad Control Bar at the back allowing Trainers to lock their hands in with full Pad control during every training session.

These pads have been placed through rigorous usage by amateur & professional Muay Thai athletes giving Punch Equipment the confidence to give these Pads our AAA Rated approval.

Highly recommended for Trainers looking for a Durable, Lightweight set of Kick Pads.

Best Features

  • - AAA Rated
  • - Super Light
  • - Thai Pad Handle Bar
  • - Dual Secure Velcro Pullback Straps
  • - XL Size Focus Pad Target Area
  • - Extra Thick High-Density Foam Padding
  • - Made For Speed Drills