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Punch Thai Pads Curved


The New ‘2018’ Curved Thai Pads from Punch Equipment are built for comfort!
Trainers will enjoy the ease of access & quick strapping with a single Roller Back Velcro Forearm strap,
The New Forearm Support Pad is also designed to absorbs even more from heavy strikes.
The striking surface of these Thai Pads are also softer than our previous model to ensure Amateurs to Professionals can train with less discomfort than ever before.
If you’re in need of high quality Curved Thai Pads for your Training, Gym, Club or Group, these Thai Pads are for you!

NEW ‘2018’ Model Features:

  • High Quality ‘Single’ Roller Back Velcro Strapping
  • New Forearm Support System For Added Cushioning & Stability
  • Softer Impact Surface To Provide Added Comfort For The Pad Holder & Client/Striker
  • AAA Rated – Commercial Product


They’re available to purchase in either Black & White or Red & Black.

*Sold As Pairs*