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V.I.P Challenger Boxing Gloves (Free Shipping)


Key Features

  • Shinny PU Leather with high density latex layering for maximum shock absorption system.
  • Curved thumb.
  • Synthetic PU Leather outer skin.
  • Specially designed air vents on the palm assist in keeping the palm cool during exercise.
  • Extra padding across the wrist reduces the risk of injury to the hand.
  • Extra long cuff provides strength, support & stability for the wrist.
  • Maximum wrist support wrap-around Velcro closure system.
  • Oversized 3” Velcro Strap which provides a secure fit & reduces strap abrasion.

PU Leather Thickness: 0.8mm.

Mould: Made of high density latex machine mould & of PU material.

Cuff: 10mm EVA Cuff Padded.

Available Sizes: 10OZ, 12OZ, 14OZ & 16OZ.