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BodyworX Balance Step / Dome with 2 Straps


Key Features:

  • The Balance Step is a half-circle inflatable ball, and can be used with exercise tubing on each side
  • Balance step is a versatile stability training product. It offers a variety of dynamic balance and agility drills, It is essentially a platform used to perform basic exercises
  • It provides multiple applications for standing, sitting, and supported body weight conditioning activities.
  • You can stand, kneel and lay down on it, Use it for stretching and developing sharp sensory feedback systems. Improve posture and functional movement, and enhance coordination.
  • Hand pump included
  • Discover an incredible range of activities with the balance step and have fun! (Such as strength training, athletic, and sport conditioning core training and mind/body workouts) 
  • Dimensions: 59cm x 59cm x 22-26cm
  • Box Dimensions: 61cm x 29cm x 63cm
  • Box Weight: 13kgs