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Posture™ Sports Top


Elegant, cool, innovative and comfortable posture top that adjusts the shoulders to the right position during the workout!

  • Improves and maintains a good posture during training
  • Posture Alignment Technology
  • Use a maximum of 3 hours
  • Double adjustable crossed straps over the back
  • Material: 76% Polyamide, 24% Elastane

Size guide : Chest circumference: XS 68-72, S 73-77, M 78-82, L 83-87

The training top that improves your posture

A completely unique training top that moves your shoulders to the right position. With a good posture, you perform better. A bad posture makes you more immobile.

rowing workout posture rowing in training stop for the posture

Sports Top is perfect for you who want a nice training top and at the same time need to be reminded of your posture during training. The sports top fits around the shoulder and adjusts the shoulder blades.

Your shoulders are encapsulated by the comfortable material in the sports top and make you maintain a good posture during the workout.

training stop back training stop shoulder

Advantages of posture top

  • Direct effect - posture improves immediately!
  • Posture Alignment Technology - Keeps the shoulders in the correct position through the adjustable crossed straps that activate the muscles and contract the shoulder blades.
  • Has silicone on the underside of the shoulder area to sit in place.
  • Elegant, stylish and effective training top for an adjusted posture during the training session!

posture sports top