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Posture™ Feminine Support


An elegant bolero for conscious women who want to adjust their posture. Feminine is an elegant bolero for the conscious woman who wants to adjust her posture. The beautiful design prevents your shoulders from rolling forward and gives you an attractive posture. You wear the bolero all day as an underwear item, closest to the skin. Posture Feminine is comfortable, elastic and washable. Created with Posture Alignment Technology *. A much appreciated product that makes sure to wear your clothes in style but can also be used for home training, yoga and walking. Gives you an attractive posture

  • Posture Alignment Technology
  • Prevents your shoulders from rolling forward in a bad posture
  • Female design
  • Washable

Change your posture pattern: Wear the bolero all day, closest to the skin, as an underwear item. * Posture Alignment Technology Reminder posture function based on the combination of elasticity and firmness, developed by Swedish Posture for optimal posture correction.


Sizes: XS S / M M / L L / XL
Weight (kg): 40-50 50-65 65-80 80-100
Length (cm): 135-165 150-175 155- 185 160-195



“Delicious, incredibly comfortable on the skin and really improves posture. Function meets design and gives exactly the effect you want for the posture. Reminding but not compelling. “
Hanne Kine Lauritzen, Lic. chiropractor


Feminine - An elegant bolero for better posture

Feminine improves your posture by reminding you to stretch your back with Posture Alignment Technology. A good posture makes you radiate pride, confidence and strength.

  • Discreet and comfortable
  • Posture Alignment Technology that counteracts bad posture
  • Stylish design only for women
  • Good posture gives charismatic charisma and confidence


good posture woman in posture feminine


Details the holding garment

Soft, elastic and stylish material • Encapsulates the entire shoulder • Adjustable with a bra buckle in the back • An extra buckle is included

Posture feminine bolero for posture


Instructions for holding the undergarment

Feminine comfortably encapsulates your shoulders and leads them to the right position. Wear Feminine posture garments directly against the skin like an undergarment. Can easily be hidden under a jacket or sweater and worn all day as it so subtly resembles stretching on the back.


bolero for the posture back