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Voller Power Rack with FID Bench


This machine combines a heavy-duty cage with a FID bench. The bench can be used in a flat, incline, or decline position. Ideal for use on its own or incorporated with the cage.

This combination unit not only looks sleek and professional but includes a lat pull down system with a low row attachment. Multi positioning bar rests that can be used with the FID bench or without when doing squats.


Frame Type: Heavy Duty Frame
Length: 1290 mm
Width: 1074 mm
Height: 2128 mm
Steel Thickness: 1.5 mm
Product Weight: 76.6 kg
Max User Weight: 140 kg
Max Weight Bar Catch: 140 kg
Max Weight Capacity on Leg Developer: 50 kg



Height: 1155mm
Seat: 380 x 300 x 55 mm
Steel Thickness: 1.5 mm
Product Weight: 76.6 kg