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Orbit MAX Deluxe Home Gym

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This Feature-Packed Home Gym is just what you need for the Ultimate Workout 

Featuring a 150LB steel weight stack including a BONUS Vertical Knee Raise Attachment. Maximum features with over 20 Exercises that can be performed in the smallest space possible.

​Unique Gooseneck Lower Pulley

The lower pulley protrudes from the gym allowing more variations in your exercises. There are no inhibiting components, letting you perform your move closer to the gym and saving space. (Ankle loop included, Low row bar sold separately)

Used for Seated Preacher Curl / Bicep Curl, Standing Rows, Front lateral raise, and Inner/outer thigh with the use of the ankle strap.

3D Articulating Arms

Isolate chest for maximum results. This 3D arm provides more freedom of motion so that you can perform more natural exercise movements. 

Used for Flat Press, Incline Press / Decline Press, and Pec Fly.

Dedicated Supported Row

Strengthen upper back & posture. Reduce the chance of injury & keep your body in balance.



Vertical Knee Raise Station

Perform advanced core exercises and target your abdominal muscles. Easy and convenient step entry. This station can also be used for doing body-weight triceps dips.

Used for Knee Raises, Leg Raises, Dips, and Push-ups.

Retractable Pec / Rear Delt

Quick Release pin, with 5 positions for Pec Deck & Rear Delt.

*Please note new steel plates and shroud may differ in appearance from the weight stack shown in the image above which is of a previous model.


WEIGHT STACK 150 LB Steel Weight Stack, 15 Pcs, 10lbs each
CABLES / PULLEYS High/Low Pulley System
COLOUR Silver Grey and Black
FINISH Powdercoat Finish
  • PEC DEC - Fully Adjustable
  • ARM PRESS - Latest 3D articulating arms
  • CHEST/SHOULDER PRESS - Seated Free Form 
  • SUPPORT ROW / UPRIGHT ROW - Fully adjustable
  • LAT PULLDOWN - Rotating curved/straight bar
  • LEG CURL/ LEG EXTENTION - Adjustable
  • VERTICAL KNEE RAISE - for leg raise and dips
  • LEG ABDUCTION - Ankle strap clip provided to do inner and outer thigh

Self Aligning Lower Leg Roller
Extra Durable Upholstered Roller and Pads
Adjustable Seat Height

  • 1 Year on Frame
  • 1 Year on Cable & Pulley
  • 1 Year on Upholstery & Foam Grip

Length 210cm Width 110cm Height 207cm