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Adaptable FID Bench with Leg Developer and Preacher Curl


Incline / Decline Bench can be used on its own or with a Multi-Press Rack or Smith Machine

The Adaptable Weight Bench suits all fitness levels and workout types and is great value for money. 

Comfortable and Strong

This bench has the extra thick padding, stronger upholstery and thicker gauge steel which makes this a reliable and comfortable bench to use.

Adjustable Weight Bench Attachment

The bench has 9 separate pin hole adjustments that gives the bench a great variety of exercises, with multiple incline, decline, flat and 90 degree’s.


Completing the OBBFID2M bench off is the wheels attached to the front of the bench, making it more transportable than any other bench.


  • Height adjustable Preacher Curl Attachment is a great addition to weights bench workouts for building your biceps. 
  • Height adjustable Leg Developer (Leg Extension & Leg Curl attachment) is designed to build your quadriceps and hamstrings