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AQUA CORE Power Weight Bag


Harness the power of water and discover a new way of training that will shape your body developing functional strength, stability, and muscle endurance.

The PTP Aquacore will let you train your full body through the instability of water flow. As you perform the exercises, the continuous flux of water inside the aqua bag will challenge your balance, forcing you to engage your core muscles to maintain control over the bag. This form of training activates your smaller stabilizing muscles whilst completing all Athletic movements.

The AquaCore comes with both horizontal and vertical handles to allow both types of grip throughout all exercises and movement patterns. Compact and lightweight the PTP Acquacore is made of transparent PVC. This allows you to clearly see the water capacity and the weight using the chart printed on the side of the bag.

- Made of transparent PVC and soft neoprene handles
- Printed weight markings for easy reference
- Exercise guide included
- Ideal for youth and anyone who is new to this form of training


Available in 15kg, 25kg & 40kg variants.