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✅   BEACHBELL IS THE ULTIMATE FITNESS EQUIPMENT TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE - An essential tool for cardio, HIIT, CrossFit or military training. For intense weighted performance for all fitness levels including professional athletes. The BEACHBELL power sand bag training is also good for improving cardio, strength, endurance, and flexibility.

✅   MULTI-WEIGHT DURABLE KETTLEBELL AND SANDBAG COMBINED - Each one can be used as a Kettlebell or a sandbag and can be weight-adjusted from 1.5kg to 16kg ensuring that it will cater to every exercise you want to perform. Plus beach training improves performance by over 30%.

✅   TOUGH MATERIALS COME FROM AN ADVANCED PRODUCTION METHOD - BEACHBELLS are designed using a solid aluminum ergonomic handle designed for maximum comfort and using the highest performance structured reinforced durable fabric that is designed to past the test of time, making sure that the sand remains compact and solid and the fabric will not break. Our manufacturing process assembles parts made from the highest quality materials to make sure there is no breaks or damage during its lifetime.

✅   MULTI-PURPOSE SPORTS TRAINING GEAR - weighted exercises are made easy by adding this training sandbag for greater results. You can perform a variety of exercises which include deadlifts, carries, squats, presses, lunges, cleans, etc. The unique loading and adjustable weight capacity allow you to challenge your body at any fitness level.


BEACHBELLS training combines strength training with a high-intensity cardio workout, giving you an overall full-body workout. BEACHBELL exercises are great for an intense full-body workout to build strength and muscle tone, burn calories, and lose weight.

Check out our Workouts of the Day page to show you some workouts and give you fitness inspiration. 


Load your BEACHBELL with sand to your desired weight, using the weight markings on the bag help to guide how much sand is needed.


Fold at the sand, removing the air in the BEACHBELL. Roll the end and clip together. The patented pending design compresses the sand together to create a tight compact effect.


Use your BEACHBELL for your workout. Get workout ideas from our blog and share it with us online.




How do BEACHBELLS work?

10 seconds to get ready - see the easy video below



  1. LOAD. Fill your BEACHBELL with sand to your required weight. Use the weight guide markings to help you.
  2. LOCK. Remove any air. Roll the end as tight as possible. Clip together.
  3. LIFT. Start your workout. Follow us for workout sessions and share yours with us on Instagram. 

One BEACHBELL lets you select any weight you want to workout with up to 16kg (35lbs), so one BEACHBELL has the same capability as a whole range of kettlebells.

Weight guide markings so you can easily fill with sand to your desired weight.

Lightweight design allows you to easily carry to and from the beach (and great for staying fit while traveling).

Ergonomically designed to ensure maximum performance and greater comfort.

Great tool for personal trainers or with teams on the beach. Easily carry as many BEACHBELLS as required when setting up classes.