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Commercial Wall Mounted Multigrip Chin Bar 400kg Rating


For the best upper body resistance exercise, use the Chin-up Bar

The functional values of the chin-up exercise is irreplaceable. Chin-ups will build your back, biceps, abdominals, chest as well as an all round workout.

Multi Grip Handles

The multiple handles are comfortable to use with knurled handles and allow for a variety of different exercises which include

  • Chin-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Wide Grip Chin-us
  • Neutral/Parallet-Grip Chin-ups
  • Reverse-Grip Pull-ups
  • Semi-Supinated Pull-up

It can also be used with Gymnastic Rings, Power Bands, Suspension Trainers and various other Functional Training Equipment

Strong, Solid Fixture

The wall Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar itself is bolted flush to the support brackets so there is no play or movement, just a solid fixture that will take any weight up to 400kg. Diamond knurling, resists abuse and ensures a good grip. Including fixings