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Gold's Gym - Power Bands


Key Features

  • 5 Resistances.

  • Improves intensity of Squats, Lunges, Push Up's and Curls.

  • Assists in Deepening stretches and improving flexibility and aids in gaining flexibility, strength and agility.

  • Provides resistance to working out muscles.

Weight Range:
  • Ultra light: 20lbs (9.07kg) - 35lbs (15.87kg).

  • Light: 35lbs (15.87kg) - 70lbs (31.75kg).

  • Medium: 45lbs (20.41kg) - 100lbs (45.35kg).

  • Heavy: 50lbs (22.67kg) - 120lbs (54.43kg).

  • Ultimate: 60lbs (27.21kg) - 150lbs (68.03kg).