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Pilates Reformer - Jump Board

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The Reformer Jump Board can add an amazing range to your Pilates repertoire.

Primarily by introducing cardio but your Core will also be challenged.

Add plyometric exercises to your Pilates repertoire with stable support from this Align-Pilates Jump Board which can be used with the A2, A2R, A8 C1, C1R, C1 Pro, C2 Pro, C8, M2, F1, F2 and H1 reformers.

The Jump Board can be added at a later date without requiring modification.

- Please note that the A Series Jump Board is larger and won't fit our other Reformers. 

- Please also note that the A Series Jump Board is designed to also fit our Wunda Chair to enable Lumbar support during use or replicate a similar position to Classical style High Back Chair.