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Pilates H1 Home Reformer

  • Full-size comfortable bed with PU Leather.
  • Professional double loop Silent hand grips.
  • Fast and easy adjustable foot bar, 4 positions.
  • Three position head rest
  • Easily rolls away for storage and vertically stands. With stability legs.
  • Removable should pads.
  • 4 Neoprene Spring Covers which reduce spring noise.
  • Optional Jump Board or Trampoline (Also fits Stott Cardio Rebound Trampoline)
  • Optional Extension legs to raise the height to app. 40 cm off the floor.
  • Current testing Results for European ISO Approval :

ISO 20957 Class H Cycle Tested for maximum user weight of 120Kg

ISO Test spec – Pull the carriage using the reformer ropes for 80% of maximum travel distance – performing the motion smoothly with no shocks with:

  • All springs attached
  • Carriage loaded with max user weight limit of 120Kg
  • Rope pulleys set in the highest position on the Rope riser for maximum leverage
  • Test standard for class H (home use) is 20,000 cycles. The H1 test was conducted in August 2015 using 150Kg load on the carriage for over 53,000 cycles. The reformer was fully operational at the end of the testing exceeding the test standard by over two times.


  • Travel: 95cm
  • Resistance: 4 Nickel plated music wire springs(2 Medium, 1 Strong and 1 Light)
  • Foot bar positions: 3 + down
  • Steel frame with 8 wheel carriage system.
  • 2 Wheels to enable movement of the reformer for storage.
  • 4 adjustable feet to ensure your reformer sits flat and can run smoothly.
  • Call and talk to Australians who also do Pilates.


  • (maximums): 242cm x 70cm x 47cm
  • Carriage size: 89cm (l) x 58cm (w)
  • Carriage Height: 23 cm off the floor (Without optional extension legs. app. 40 cm with.)
  • Weight: 50Kg
  • Vertical Standing: 235 cm High. Designed to fit under Australian Standard ceiling height of 240 cm.
  • New Align-Pilates double loop handles with “silent” metal free connectors for a quieter workout.
  • 3 position head rest,
  • Removable rope risers with 3 height options & 4 easy rope length adjustments.
  • Removable shoulder pads
  • Two instructional DVD’s -1. Introduction to Pilates 2. Cardio Jumping Level 1

Optional Extras

  • F1 Steel Sitting box
  • Foot Strap
  • Jump board
  • Intermediate DVD’s
  • Reformer Floor Mat
  • Extension legs – app.40 cm from top of carriage to floor
  • The Peanut Pillow (Extra support Pillow)