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Posture™ Back Rest


An ergonomic lumbar support for a more comfortable sitting position in the office, in the car or perhaps even on the plane. With Back Rest, you get a comfortable lumbar support that provides optimal relief for the back. The backrest is perfect for long car journeys as an ergonomic seating position is needed to save on the back.

  • Provides optimal support when sitting for a long time in a car or in the office
  • Use daily for an ergonomic sitting
  • Relieves the back and relieves tension
  • Universal model that fits all cars and seats
  • Material of net that is cool in the summer and lets the chair heat through in the winter

    “Truly a functional and dynamic support for the back of the car and office seat. Many people are aware of their posture and sitting position in the office but completely forget about it in the car. Since you can sit in the car for many hours as a salesman or during your holiday, I would really recommend taking care of your back even then. "
    Gabriella Follin, physiotherapist