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Posture™ Back Stretch


Get rid of back tension, increase your flexibility and get a better posture with Posture Back Stretch back stretchers.

Stretch your back and reduce tension caused by tight muscles, pinched nerves, and compressed vertebrae. At the same time, you stimulate blood circulation and get a pleasant massage effect.

  • Use 5 - 10 minutes daily. Can be used sitting for the lumbar and lying down.
  • Unisex with 3 levels that are easy to adjust.


“ A stiff and sore back is often due to the fact that it gets too little variation in your daily movements. Most of us basically do everything slightly bent forward: Work in front of the computer, drive a car, do the dishes, cook, clean, lift things - we bend forward. The result is a bad back and poor posture. Then a moment on Swedish Posture's back stretcher is a very good stretch and that removes tension and stiffness. ”
Gabriella Follin, physiotherapist


Posture Back Stretch

Helps against stiffness and pain in the back and a bad posture.

  • All you need to do is place it under your back and relax for five minutes - twice a day.
  •  It is specially adapted for people with tension and stiffness in the back
  • Deep massage   Relax and let the bubbles give you a deep massage.
  • Extra comfort - A thick layer of foam rubber in the middle ensures that comfort is top-notch


Maximum back stretch

There are a total of 3 different levels on the back stretcher.  Start at level one and increase as your body gets used to it. It should not hurt your back or anywhere else so take it slow step by step.
Level 1 - lowest for a very stiff back. Level 2 - The intermediate position for you with a squat and which is relatively mobile. Level 3. Highest and for you who are very flexible.

3 levels back stretcher