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Posture™ Jump Rope


A cordless jump rope to activate the heart rate and lung capacity.  Use at home, at the gym or during travels.

  • Jump for 90 seconds or more regularly for positive health effects
  • Time, calories and a jump counter for individual goals
  • Increase heart rate and lung capacity
  • Cordless jump rope, no space needed.
  • One color/ One size

    Posture Jump is great for anyone looking for the most effective aerobic exercise and it can be used during the work day in the living room and even in an airplane bathroom. Regular using of Posture Jump increases bone density, burn calories, improves concentration as well as it activates heart rate and lung capacity. Posture Jump has time, calorie and jump counter for your individual goals and challenges.


    • Posture Jump is a digital cordless jump rope
    • Posture Jump has a time, calorie and jump counter for individual goals
    • Posture Jump activates heart rate and lung capacity
    • Resistance cord for functional training.
    • Jump for 90 seconds or more regularly for positive health effects
    • Use daily – Adding movement into your life has never been easier.