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Posture™ Orthopaedic 3/4 Insoles

Improve your posture with our brand new orthopedic shoe inserts - Posture Insoles. The posture begins already at the feet. A faulty foot position affects the ankle, knee and hip and can cause pain, injury or impaired posture. Posture Insoles 3/4 soles are designed to straighten the foot and ankle and thus be able to maintain a good posture when standing and walking.
  • Improves posture by adjusting foot, ankle, knee and hip to correct position
  • Helps stabilize the foot
  • Supports the arch
  • Prevents twists leading to musculoskeletal disorders and impaired posture
  • Lightweight and shock absorbing
  • Suitable for daily use in all types of shoes

“When talking about posture, most people think of the shoulders, thoracic spine and pelvis, but the fact is that all body parts are part of the posture, so the posture starts from the feet and goes all the way up to the head and out into the arms. The body is a unit where all parts affect each other and work together. If a joint or body part ends up crooked, it will lead to other parts also ending up crooked because the body is a whole. ”
Emma Pihl, CEO

Posture Insoles - 3/4 soles for better posture

Many people suffer from pain for years without realizing that it may be due to their feet. 70–80% of people have an incorrect foot position - the foot leans inwards (pronation, more common) or outwards (supination, unusual). The deviation "propagates" upwards in the body and affects the posture.

When you stand correctly, everything works better in the body. You use the enduring posture muscles and avoid unnecessary tension in the external, dynamic muscles. The muscles are then rested when you have to jump, run and walk, which makes you stronger and faster. You get better conditions for breathing, the bowel movements work better and many feel that they look better. A cheap investment in health, quite simply!

foot sole for the posture

Stand strong! The posture starts with the feet.

With Insoles 3/4 you can improve posture. See the benefits of using shoe insoles:

  • You improve posture by getting support for your foot
  • The hollow foot is supported
  • The heel cup prevents pronation
  • Shock absorption for the heel protects against unwanted pressure on the foot
  • With the self-adhesive underside, the soles lie still in the shoe
  • Daily use and fits all shoes


man with soles for posture


What does a pair of soles have to do with posture?

Good posture is proof that the whole body is in balance. For the whole to work, it is important that the feet are stable. The sole helps the surface to meet the entire foot pad by stabilizing the heel, providing support in the arch of the foot and increasing comfort. When the foot with the sole as an aid is in a neutral position, it affects the angle of the knee, which in turn affects the angle of the hip that carries the spine, which in turn determines the position of the neck, shoulders and head. No body part can be seen as a closed system that in itself can be influenced and therefore we offer the market's best soles for better posture. Say hello then to bad posture!