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Posture™ Trainer


Get better posture, become more mobile and stronger with Posture Trainer - 3in1. Trainer is a unique combination of a stretching tool, exercise equipment and a posture harness.

  • Train your posture or carry the Trainer over your shoulders to be reminded of the posture.
  • Perfect for home training.
  • Use 10 minutes a day to increase your mobility and strength.
  • Material: 100% elastic natural rubber.
  • Size guide: XS-M Normal or Professional power

“The ultimate training band to always have with you. Weighs nothing, gives a good variety of exercises and can also be used as a posture harness. Getting simple everyday exercise is so important for health and does not have to take much time. “

Helena Öberg, Licensed PT and Group Training Instructor

Posture Trainer - 3in1: Stretch, Training and Holding Bands

Our combined posture harness and training tool provides a comfortable stretch of short chest muscles after training or a long time in activity with forward rotated shoulders. Posture Trainer during training is mainly used for the upper body with back, shoulder and neck strengthening exercises.

  • Unique combination of training equipment and aids for correct posture during training
  • Use 10-20 minutes at a time
  • Used mainly as an exercise tool but can be supplemented as a posture harness
  • Weighs nothing so can be in the bag
  • There are two resistors. Professional has a stronger resistance than Normal.
  • Easy to use and the exercises can be varied endlessly
  • The material is rubber


Train your posture - Training tips

With a strong body and active torso, you can unconsciously maintain a good posture.

one-armed rowing posture trainer  rumplyft posture trainer

training for better posture squat posture trainer

leg lift posture trainer plank posture trainer