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Posture™ Vertical Backpack


The first patented backpack in the world to prevent poor posture.

Vertical Backpack has a revolutionary patented carrying system, which finally makes carrying in a backpack gentle on the shoulders, body and posture. Unlike a regular backpack, most of the weight is placed over the sternum, instead of on the shoulders. By distributing the weight centrally where the body is strongest, you get completely free shoulders, a straight back, the head in the right position and a tension in the torso muscles.

  • Posture Vertical System - Revolutionary support system
  • Maintains a good posture
  • For those of you who commute to the office, often have a lot to carry in everyday life, want to prevent back problems or have back pain and want to stop straining your shoulders.
  • Material: Nylon, D600, water repellent
  • Sizes: M 21-31 liters L 26-38 liters (180 cm and longer).
  • Dimensions closed backpack: M 21 liters 29 * 16 * 44 cm, L 26 liters 31 * 17 * 49 cm    


“Many people think that just by using a backpack, it is better for the back. But it's not that simple. I see that this support system really releases tension and gives room for movement in the shoulders. "
Gabriella Follin, Physiotherapy


Vertical Backpack - A patented ergonomic backpack. Gentle on the back.

A revolution for bearing - Posture Vertical System bearing system. The unbuttoned carrying system means that the weight of the backpack is distributed more balanced over the body plus that the contents feel easier to carry. Definitely an addictive feeling where you never want to go back to a shoulder-bearing backpack.


backpack outdoors    posture vertical system support system


Unique carrying system - Posture Vertical System

See the difference between the Posture Vertical System and other carrying systems on backpacks. With the weight centrally on the sternum, the weight feels lighter and distributed more balanced and does not end up only on the shoulders.


The weight is distributed on the chest with an ergonomic backpack


What is the difference between Posture Vertical Backpack and other backpacks?

Our backpack is developed and has a patented carrying system that aims to provide mobility for the shoulders and reduced back pressure for the shoulders. Vertical backpack also has a carrying solution that makes the weight in the backpack end up closer to the body's center of gravity, which contributes to the backpack feeling easier to carry. An ordinary backpack sits only over the shoulders, which means that the weight in it pushes the shoulders back and to compensate and balance the weight, you need to push the shoulders forward and if you carry really heavy, you start to tilt your hips and bend your back. All this counteracts a good attitude.


"Regular" backpack:

  • Deteriorates your posture by forcing your shoulders forward as weight compensation.
  • Tightens your joints and muscles in the shoulders which can lead to muscle strain and pain.
  • Bends your back and causes your head to fall forward.
  • Fold your hips forward to compensate for the back weight of the backpack.
  • Changes your gait that can lead to knee injuries.


Posture Vertical Backpack:

  • Carry over the sternum instead of the shoulders.
  • Puts the weight centrally on the body where you are strongest
  • Makes the contents of the bag feel lighter.
  • Freely movable shoulders.
  • Maintains good posture as opposed to deteriorating posture as a shoulder-bearing backpack risks doing.
  • The bag's carrying system is designed for your posture.


regular backpack


Unique Features - Details on the backpack

Unique carrying system - Posture Vertical System • Large luggage compartment with roll top. • Carrying case for travelers • USB compartment. • Bottle holder. • Padded computer compartment. • Multiple pockets / visible and invisible • Side opening • Water-repellent material


unique carrying system gentle on the back computer compartment backpack bag holder backpack Roll top ergonomic backpack USB backpack bottle holder backpack


Instructions backpack

  1. Lift the backpack so that it "lifts" from the shoulders. Pull down the button at the front. The backpack should not hang on the shoulders but needs to be adjusted so it fits perfectly.
  2. When closing the front backpack, make sure you lift it up and then snap it. Close the lower part first.
  3. Unique closure at the front for the Posture Vertical System to hold too heavy packing.


Lift up the backpack  close the front of the backpack  buttoning backpack