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Posture™ Workout Band


Get stronger with a design-patented Workout Band and train your posture.

High-quality training band in textile that provides effective training for both the training habit and the beginner. Exercise 10 minutes a day and feel how you both feel better and become stronger. The degree of challenge can be increased according to your choice of intensity, resistance and number of repetitions.

  • Long training band in woven elastic with handles along the entire band.
  • For those of you who do not have time to go to the gym but still want to get exercise into everyday life.
  • Can be washed after use in 40 degrees.
  • Material: Textile. The training band is 270 cm long.
  • Exercise guide is included with the product.
  • Also included is a door sleeve for more variations on training exercises.


“Physical activity is like thunder medicine for the brain. If we train or move regularly, we become more concentrated, we remember better, become more creative and tolerate stress better. It's like a mental upgrade. "

Anders Hansen, chief physician in psychiatry.


Design patented Workout Band- Exercise band in textile

Get stronger with the Posture Workout Band. Unique is that our training band is made of textile. The strap can be washed after use and is comfortable to hold as the entire long strap has handles.

  • Exercise for only 10 minutes a day and feel how you become stronger and more mobile.
  • Individually adapted resistance - choose where on the band you want to hold and you decide how heavy it will be.


Train your posture

See exercises that we suggest in the film. The training band is suitable for both those with training experience and the beginner.


Included in the training band:

  • Door sleeve for other variants of exercises.
  • Flyer with practice tips