PTP Therapy Roller - Firm and Large

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The special cone-shaped surface allows you to deeply penetrate into soft tissues, breaking up scar tissue and fascia adhesions. The Large Massage Therapy Roller offers the same level of compression and trigger pointing as the Mini PTP Therapy Roller in firm density, but, at 60 cm, it provides greater stability during back massages and enables an efficient massage of both calves, hamstrings, or upper arms, simultaneously. The recessed mid-section is designed to accommodate the spinal joints, which makes it ideal to perform the self-myofascial release technique on the muscles surrounding your back and neck.

- Trigger point action thanks to special multi-cone and hollow cylinder design
- Increases blood, lymphatic and nutrient circulation to maximize recovery
- Provides superior stability and balance when used horizontally up and down the spine
- Allows access to areas in the back, shoulders, glutes, TFLs, hamstrings, calves, hips & more
- Suitable for individuals seeking a strong massage experience/with a high tolerance threshold
- 30+ exercises designed by Movement Therapist

MASSAGE Trigger point therapy for myofascial release. Assists in muscle pain relief and relaxation.

REHAB Overall mobility & injury prevention. Recommended for pre/rehab and joint function.

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