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Ideal general purpose MMA glove for those who prefer a very low profile design for working out/training.

The Urban® MMA Gloves are rated for beginner & intermediate students.
These gloves are built for all areas of training, whether you’re hitting the bag, striking focus pads/Thai pads,  or grappling, these gloves can handle them all.
With an ergonomic open palm & thumb design, your grappling and grip strength will not be compromised when transitioning from striking to clinching & grappling with your training partner.

The Urban MMA Gloves are also built with super soft red, trindle linings for serious hand comfort & reduction of slipping and abrasion.

This product has been in the Punch Equipment® range for over 15 years and earnt its place as a proven, hardwearing, functionally designed MMA training glove with all-new, V30 improvements.
  • Designed for entry, intermediate MMA training
  • Engineered for MMA training, drills, bag & pad work
  • Open palm & thumb design for added breathability & an effortless hand grip
  • Anti-slip, soft, trindle inner lining for serious hand comfort
  • Low profile, highly protective knuckle padding